• AndMesh
    AndMesh cases are harder than a soft case, and softer than a hard case. Every case protects your iPhone or iPad where it needs the most protection and provides the perfect hardness and grip comfort for daily use. It has outstanding durability and elasticity, and is easy to put on and take off. Mesh holes making it look great and contribute releasing the heat.
  • Boostcase
    Award winning premium hybrid life extension battery cases made for iPhone. Born from the simple concept that function isn’t design without fashion and fashion isn’t practical without function.
  • Braven
    Braven designes and manufactures the world’s most talented speakers with award-winning rugged and premium offerings for today’s mobile consumer. Continually pushing the limits in portable Bluetooth audio, Braven products combine cutting edge technology with premium audio quality.
  • Brydge
    Brydge is a full-size bluetooth keyboard system with a unique hinge-system made for iPad with ‘backlit’ keys. The Bridge is made out of beautifuly crafted premium aluminium that fits exactly to the color of the iPad’s aluminium casing.
  • Clamcase
    ClamCase transforms the iPad experience, with the functionality of a laptop and the portability of a tablet. ClamCase comes with LED backlit keyboard and protective frame with intelligent internal technology. Customize viewing and typing angles using the smart hinge which also automatically activates sleep and wake functions for long-term battery conservation.
  • Deltac
    Deltac supplies an extensive range of cables, power supplies and converters in a consumer friendly packaging at an affordable price point.
  • Element Case
    Element Case is a leader in the premium luxury phone case market. The brand has established itself as a visionary in premium case design. Element Cases are beautifully crafted and as exquisite as a luxury sports car. Element Case provides consumers the highest possible quality and extraordinarily unique accessories for mobile phones.
  • Etymotic
    Etymotic has more 30 years experience in research, innovation and desgning high-fidelity personal audio products and hearing wellness solutions that enhance and protect your hearing. Models range from precision earphones made for professional musicians to safe-listening earphones for children.

  • Flexson
    Searching for a mount or stand to place your favoriete Sonos speaker at the most convenient listening height? Stop searching. Flexson delivers specialized accessories for the complete Sonos system line-up, such as different types of wall mounts, floor stands and handy accessories so you're able to enjoy your speaker even more.
  • Fusechicken
    Fusechicken cable accessories are the most strongest, flexible and sustainable in the world. All cable accessories are made out of indestructible military grade steel which can be bend in every possible way and never gets tangled. 
  • Hirschmann
    Hirschmann provides multimedia solutions for homes and buildings for coaxial installations and the data network, and delivers solutions supporting the signal coming in via satellite. With a Hirschmann solution you'll be sure to get the best result out of your coaxial installation or data network.
  • Incase
    Incase embodies the principles of good design, to achieve a highly functional and
    universal range of protective and mobile solutions that enables users to have the best possible experience doing what they love, whether it be passion or profession. The Incase product line up consists out of bags, back packs, travel accessories, protective cases and sleeves.
  • Incipio
    Award-winning accessoiries for or a variety of brands of mobile devices and technologies.
  • Issentiel
    Luxurious leather cases for smartphones and tablets from Paris, France. 
  • iWires
    A cable range specifically designed for Apple computers - includes solutions for iPhone®, iPad®, Macbook® and Mac Pro® 
  • Moshi
    Simple, sophisticated, and inventive premium lifestyle accessories for mobile devices and electronics driven and inspired by Apple's core line-up of products, enhancing the consumers mobile life style.
  • Octa
    Octa's adaptable tablet stands promises limitless configurations, hitting every imaginable viewing and typing angle. their stability is unparalleled on soft, rocky or uneven surfaces.
  • One For All
    One For All offers user-friendly remote controls and accessories for home an personal entertainment. Solutions that let you experience maximum home comfort.
  • OSMO
    Osmo is an award-winning game system that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad by opening it up to hands-on play.
  • Quad Lock
    Quad Lock delivers the lightest, strongest and most secure mounting system. Available for for iPhone. Twist, Lock and Go.
  • Recharge
    Ultimate Battery Power. Recharge gives you battery power on the go for smartphones, tablets and other compatible USB devices.
  • RHA
    RHA is a specialist British headphone company. RHA stands for true-to-life audio reproduction and lasting quality. With these values at our core, RHA works to deliver the most accurate, comfortable and unobtrusive listening experience possible. 
  • Sanus
    Sanus sets the standard for TV mount technology. Using innovative design and outstanding safety features, Sanus mounting solutions allows you to find the perfect position for all of your AV needs
  • SoundXtra
    High-quality speaker wall mounts for most popular audio brands.
  • TrackR
    Tired of losing your keys, wallet and phone? Attach the coin-sized TrackR bravo to any item and use the TrackR app to locate it in seconds. Ring your missing item or get a reminder to grab your item before leaving it behind.
  • Vivanco
    Vivanco is the multi-specialist in the field of accessories and cables; products that everyone needs every day. The large range of available products offers a wide variety of different products. You will always find what you need at the best possible price / quality ratio.
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Selected Solutions are the keywords that cover the complete product portfolio of Mondeno. All brands that Mondeno represents have been selected based on innovation, design and/or leading technology to offer consumers the best solutions on the market to get the most out of their TV’s, smartphones, tablets and notebooks during everyday life.
Mondeno has a history of more than 20 years in distribution proving that Mondeno is capable of adapting in the fast changing world of consumer electronics.