• AndMesh
    AndMesh iPhone and iPad cases are made from Elastomer. This material fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Not too soft, not too hard, tough and durable.
  • Boostcase

    Award winning premium hybrid life extension battery cases made for iPhone.
  • Braven
    The world's most talented wireless speakers:
    • Fashionable design bluetooth speakers
    • Rugged & waterproof outdoor speakers
  • Brydge
    Brydge is a full-size bluetooth keyboard system with a unique hinge-system made for iPad with ‘backlit’ keys. The Bridge is made out of beautifuly crafted premium aluminium that fits exactly to the color of the iPad’s aluminium casing.
  • Clamcase
    The best keyboard case for iPad available in today's market. Sleek, thin and remarkably light and in stunning aluminium.
  • Element Case

    Ultra-premium smartphone cases for iPhone ‘designed in the USA’. 
  • Etymotic

    The world's most accurate noise-isolating earphones. Models range from precision earphones made for professional musicians to safe-listening earphones for children.
  • Flexson
    Specialized accessories for SONOS. Wall mounts, desk mounts, floor stands and a range of useful connection accessories.
  • Fugoo

    Wireless speakers. Built to withstand the extremes. Virtually Indestructable.
    • Waterproof
    • Snowproof
    • Shockproof
    • Dustproof
  • Fuse chicken

    The worlds most toughest and flexible Lightning and micro-USB cable accessories on earth.
  • Hirschmann

    Hirschmann provides multimedia solutions for homes and buildings, for coaxial installations and the data network, and delivers solutions supporting the signal coming in via satellite.
  • iHealth
    iHealth designs and manufactures innovative, consumer-friendly, mobile personal healthcare products that connect to the cloud.
    • Blood pressure monitors
    • Smart Scales
    • Activity & sleep trackers
    • Oxymeter
    • Glucose monitors
  • Incipio

    Incipio® has grown since 1999 to an award-winning global designer and manufacturer of mobile device accessories and technologies for a variety of brands.
  • iSmartAlarm

    Protect your home intelligently with the iSmartAlarm home security system and take complete control using your smartphone in combination with the iSmartAlarm app. Peace of mind, made easy!
  • Issentiel

    Quality cases Inspired by the French art of living. Issentiel protects:
    • iPhone 6S & 6S Plus
    • iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
    • iPhone 5, 5S & 5 SE
    • iPad Air, Air 2
    • iPad Mini, Mini 2, Mini 3
  • iWires

    A cable range specifically designed for Apple computers - includes solutions for iPhone®, iPad®, Macbook® and Mac Pro® 
  • Moshi

    Moshi designs simple, sophisticated, and inventive lifestyle accessories for mobile devices and electronics driven and inspired by Apple's core line-up of products, enhancing the consumers mobile life style
  • Octa

    Octa's adaptable tablet stands promises limitless configurations, hitting every imaginable viewing and typing angle. their stability is unparalleled on soft, rocky or uneven surfaces.
  • Orbitsound

    British based Orbitsound, designs and manufactures best-selling high quality consumer audio products like Soundbars, Soundbases and other audio accessories using its innovative airSOUND technology.
  • OSMO
    Osmo is an award-winning game system that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad by opening it up to hands-on play.
  • Quad Lock
    Quad Lock delivers the lightest, strongest and most secure mounting system. Available for for iPhone and Galaxy smartphones. Twist, Lock and Go.
  • Recharge
    Ultimate Battery Power. Recharge gives you battery power on the go for smartphones, tablets and other compatible USB devices.
  • RHA

    RHA is a specialist British headphone company.
    RHA stands for true-to-life audio reproduction and lasting quality. With these values at our core, RHA works to deliver the most accurate, comfortable and unobtrusive listening experience possible. 
  • Sanus

    Sanus sets the standard for TV mount technology. Using innovative design and outstanding safety features, Sanus mounting solutions allows you to find the perfect position for all of your AV needs
  • Shure
    Shure has turned a passion for making great audio electronics. The success and reputation of the Shure brand has been defined by continuous commitment to total Quality, and it shows with every product they make. Shure's is committed to delivering a great audio experience — because that’s the true measure of legendary performance.
  • SMS Audio

    Exceptional sound quality, iconic style & ultra durability, SMS Audio creates world-class headphones and audio accessories with Studio Mastered Sound.
  • SoundXtra
    High-quality speaker wall mounts for most popular audio brands.
  • Vivanco

    Vivanco is one of Europe's leading providers of equipment and connecting accessories. 
  • WeSC

    A premium streetwear brand born in the streets of Stockholm, expressing originality in a world of uniform thinking. WeSC Headphones are made by SMS Audio.
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Selected Solutions are the keywords that cover the complete product portfolio of Mondeno. All brands that Mondeno represents have been selected based on innovation, design and/or leading technology to offer consumers the best solutions on the market to get the most out of their TV’s, smartphones, tablets and notebooks during everyday life. Mondeno Benelux B.V. has a history of more than 20 years in distribution proving that Mondeno is capable of adapting in the fast changing world of consumer electronics. Besides offering the best solutions another important mission of the company is to always be a preferred partner; both to suppliers and retailpartners.